Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Stratocaster Greats: Playing in the Style of Fender

You might think of buying used instruments from a pawnshop, classified ads or Ebay. If you have the money then you might as well drop the idea because electric guitars are supposed to be expensive for you to get the quality you deserve. However, if you're on a budget, you may still need necessary precautions in buying used guitars. The key here is if you can't try it, don't buy it. And "trying" means that you have someone in tow who is experts in guitars to avoid being ripped off.

Before heading to the music store, you should already have an idea as to what kind of music you would like to play on your electric guitars. Guitar makers model their guitars with an icon they saw best using it that's why guitar models are usually named after guitar legends. If you are someone who likes to play the country, folk rock genre, then choose a Telecaster. For metal-heads and heavy rockers out there, they keep their eyes on the Jackson, Ibanez, and B.C. Rich. Stratocasters are the most flexible amongst all electric guitars and thus best fits a beginner who is still undecided on musical genre. Stratocaster is a safe choice so you might want to get one of these babies.

Having said that, you have to choose the right brand which is, basically, all the familiar brands you hear - Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Epiphone, etc. These are the names who sell reasonable prices for beginners. Choose between Fender and Gibson, they have a line dedicated to aspiring guitarists and you could never go wrong with these brands. You can also consider some unknown brands as long you have a friend expert recommending it to you. But if you're on your own, be on the safe side with the familiar brands.

May it be a Fender or a Gibson you choose on buying, don't walk away from the store without trying out a few stock. You chose a trusted brand, yes, but to hear is to believe. Listen and choose the best sound.

It's always best to bring a friend with you to get expert opinion. This will also make you feel more secure in buying your first electric guitar. And of course, don't forget the amps.

Now there you have it, your first step to being a guitarist is done. You may now proceed to the learning process by visiting and see yourself bringing the house down overnight!

aluminium fender stratocaster