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Live at Montreux 1997/1999

Playing his Fender® Stratocaster® flat on his lap Jeff Healey has developed an instantly recognizable guitar sound and image. Blind since the age of one he burst into the big time with The Jeff Healey Band's platinum selling debut album "See The Light" and the hit single "Angel Eyes" in 1988. This concert filmed at Montreux on July 3 1999 features many of the band's most popular tracks.Tracks:1. My Little Girl2. Stop Breakin' Down3. Third Degree4. I Think I Love You Too Much5. Stuck In The Middle With You6. I Can't Get My Hands On You7. Angel Eyes8. Roadhouse Blues9. See the Light10. Hoochie Coochie ManFounded in 1967 the Montreux Jazz Festival has established itself as one of the most prestigious annual music events in the world. The extraordinary list of artists who have played there is drawn form across the musical spectrum and from around the world. Now with the consent of the festival and the artists Eagle Vision is making these concerts available on DVD for the first time.System Requirements:Running Time: 100 MinutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: MUSIC DVD/CONCERTS Rating: NR UPC: 801213913299 Manufacturer No: EE39132-9
Customer Review: RIP Jeff were sent down from heaven you just went back home..
No words to describe this man, just watch him live and you will know what I mean. I want more and more and more and more from this man, I can't get enough.....amazing talent

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the fender stratocaster handbook pdf

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Fender 5 Way Pickup Selector Switch for Stratocaster

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There are many factors to consider when choosing an electric guitar and each factor will impact your choice of guitars available for you to buy in the marketplace.

Perhaps one of the first things to consider is whether you are looking for a famous brand, such as a fender electric guitar, an Ibanez electric guitar, a Gibson electric guitar or you may not have a preference regarding the brand of guitar that you are looking to purchase.

You then need to consider whether or not you want an acoustic electric guitar. Once you've deciphered that, even if you do choose a specific guitar maker, the following list of factors will need to be considered.

Body style

There are three basic body styles of electric guitars - solid body, semi hollow/semi solid and hollow body.

Guitar Body Shape

There are various different guitar shapes to choose from and you should try a few different ones for comfort and feel before making a decision when buying your electric guitar. Shapes available include the Strat shape designed by Fender, the telecaster shape, again designed by Fender, and also the Les Paul and SG shape designed by Gibson guitars.

The Fender strat and Telecaster shape guitars are favoured by famous guitarists such as Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Bonnie Raitt. Guitar heroes such as Joe Perry and Slash prefer the Gibson Les Paul shape of guitar. Guitar shape does not have a direct effect on sound when played.


The style and type of neck for your guitar is dependent upon your hand size and what is most comfortable for you to play with. There are a variety of shapes including wide, thin and C-shaped.

Scale length

The scale length impacts the tone quality of the notes and the string tension at a particular pitch. The scale length is determined by the distance between the bridge saddle and the nut. There are most often two common scale lengths to choose from - the Gibson scale and the Fender scale. There is a third scale as well, which is used by Paul Reed Smith as well as others, which produce a different sound from the two most common scale lengths.


Intonation is the term used to describe if the notes are in tune as you move up the neck of your guitar. Intonation can be affected by different factors such as playing style. Pressing harder on the strings can create a bow and this in time can affect guitar intonation.

Set neck/Bolt on neck

The choice between these two may leave you with less choices of the instrument you choose - Stratocaster electric guitars are bolt on necks, while the Gibson Les Paul is a set neck.

Number of frets

Most electric guitars have 22 frets, however you may choose a 24 fret as well that will give you another octave.


Even if you are looking for a pink electric guitar, the finish on the guitar doesn't impact the sound as it does with acoustic guitars.


The choice between tremolo bridge and stop tail bridge.


Most electric guitars have two pick ups. A 3-position switch allows you to choose between these pick ups, while others have a 5-position switch.

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Stratocaster Greats: Playing in the Style of Fender

Back in the days of what was the explosive Woodstock music scene of Bristol and the West Country, a vocalist emerged from the new genre, known as indie, in the shape Gerard Langley. Hardly, as you would first think, a name to be reckoned with in the glitzy world of music showbiz, but a fairly stable name even so. Along with his brother, who took up the position of drummer, they soon gathered together a collection of some of the most talented and composed musicians in the city area. In fact, they were, as they called themselves, The Blue Aeroplanes, known to have the biggest musician - participation in, probably, modern music history.

Although their commercial contribution to the world of music looks vaguely more successful that a Pop Idol winner, their gritty and uniquely timed anthems had far from been on the same level. Langley, the headman was known, in the fast growing indie scene for his deep, menacing and half spoken vocals and other than supporting a then, little known U.S band called, R.E.M, although the band had collaborated with Michelle Shocked on one track.

It would appear that there seems to be a silent, yet, growing interest in this distant indie band who, tragically, graced only the bottom half of the Top 75 at any given time. It perhaps should be more the question of why didnt they ever make the grade? Well, that could be answered as simply as bad timing. Due to their haunting renditions of a familiar Smiths sound, they would have been noted as to be almost a decade out of date. I do believe that if they had been around a lot earlier, then their level of success would have vastly improved. That comatose style of backing vocal, at the time of, Jacket Hangs was the tones of Rodney Allen, Alex Lee, John Langley and Andy McCreeth, was more along the lines of The Waterboys, which, is certainly no bad thing, but on listening back to Blue Aeroplanes tunes today, we find ourselves puzzled as to why they werent better recognised. What we dont perhaps remember, is how much the talent odds were stacked against them. With a sound that was unique and so in tune with the outside world, it was also the backdrop of every other band at the time. Not to mention the members list grew to around thirty...

It is also arguable that there were far less talented bands around the time of the mid Eighties to the early Nineties, who, simply didnt deserve to achieve the success that they did. Who really could have forgotten that rhythmic perfect of John Langleys drum backing and that non melodic, jangle effect on guitars from Lee and Allen? They fused together as a band and never failed to let their fan base down. They might have been predictable in their approach to their own expression of indie music, but at least that meant never having to cringe ferociously at surprising and embarrassing diversions.

Their first notably successful album, Bop Art, in April 1984, may have sounded more like a Gene Vincent take on an old Transvision Vamp album, but it was surprisingly fresh enough to create a lasting appeal on certain listeners who, it would seem, became the backbone of the circle of devoted fans today. Although, since their early days, when their influences swayed heavily towards Elvis Costello and The Velvet Underground, they have somehow taken what they had learnt from these artists and actually drawn up, by themselves, a sound that, truly, came from themselves. We wonder how it came to be that they had come and gone from so many record labels. Their career path has certainly trodden a steady route through all the alternative labels of that time. Finally, standing firm behind the legendary label that brought us Icicle Works and Gene Loves Jezebel - Beggars Banquet, they had driven the idea through following bands, that it was the way that stable, tight knitted bands worked to get the maximum coverage.

Albums followed plus a couple of singles that failed to make any lasting notability with the regular record purchaser. Tolerance in 1986 and Spitting Out Miracles in 1986, after which, they enjoyed little in the way of pleasing positions from a string of EPs and one or two singles that followed.

They did, however, change their attitude through this far from joyful period in their early career. Shifting from Art Rock and layered pieces to dirty, simple guitar rhythms and slapping drums, their move towards the indie scene seemed sensible and optimistic. Two singles followed through another label, Chrysalis, Jacket Hangs, and ..And Stones, first in February and second in May 1990. Both failed to cut into the Top 70. Albums trailed accordingly in the shape of Swagger, (1990), Beatsongs, (1991) and Life Model, (1994). The middle of these, Beatsongs, graced the Top 35, but failed to hang around longer than three weeks. They had, already, toured with R.E.M in 1989 by this time, who, were enjoying critical acclaim with their politically observed, Green, the year before.

They had achieved as much as they could in those early times. They appeared in such audience participating venues such as the Town And Country Club in Kentish Town, North London; a venue known for the closeness felt through band and crowd. It was a favourite for indie and up and coming bands. Regulars there had been Hard Rain, Then Jericho, Three And A Half Minutes, not to mention, unknown Scottish smilies, Wet Wet Wet. Some, who got to see the B.As always commented on their live performances, noting them as born gig masters. After all, not all bands could boast their own Polish dancer in the shape of Wojtek Dmochowski.

It has undoubtedly crossed the minds of some of you when we say we must still remark on the history of The Blue Aeroplanes when they seemed to have achieved so little. One is for sure, they have remained true to themselves - never faltering in any shape or form, always pleasing to the eye and enjoyable to listen to. They take you back in time to a place in music history where bands were made up of young people who actually played instruments. Any band of that time, composed, rehearsed and performed over and over again to get it right. They worked hard, sweated and were devoted to their craft. Unlike today when a band is only made up of people who can just about sing and who couldnt compose a tune and lyric if their lives depended on it. This, I think it why, we should still celebrate bands like The Blue Aeroplanes for their determination and continuous contribution to British music. Whether it was experimental with different musicians and arrangements of sounds laced together with synths and percussions or taking the dive into all that was the bitter, edginess of the birth of indie, they have gathered up the growing trends into their arms and come with their own style of sound. They came back with gusto in 2000 with the album, Cavaliers/Roundheads, and now, just this year, 2006, we see the release of a long awaited, two CD set of a remaster of the 1990 album, Swagger, probably their most rewarding and well received album of the Nineties. This re working contains 14 bonus tracks and goes, unmistakeably as, Swagger Deluxe. The B.As are back, still standing strong and still eagerly eclipsing new sounds with traditional B.A rhythms and techniques.

We feel as if we know them know, but exactly where, when, how and why the band formed originally and who gelled with who is not entirely known. Their initial birth seems to be a mystery, and perhaps only known by Bristol residents and those who knew them, so it is with this, that they remain intriguing and their records, desirable. These ordinary student, type guys, who are now in their forties, still capture a moment in time when music was still exciting and new; when records were still bought in Woolies on vinyl and singles were only 45s for 45 pence. As far as The Blue Aeroplanes themselves go, all we know is that in Bristol and also in certain places of the Globe, this band still take a secret pride of place in the musical Hall of Fame.

Michelle Duffy 2006

Michelle is a freelance writer in the South of England and owner of the websites,, and their successful sister, Never Mind The Bloggers at She has been writing over the last year, for five major consumer websites across the world and is one of the only two music category advisors for one website in the U.K. Her websites promote young, amateur and professional bands/artists and their fan clubs whilst also reviewing them for local and world wide promotion. She has also recently launched the blogs; 'The Ramblings Of An Old Rocker,' 'Bohemian Waffle,' The Rhythm Rock And Blues Machine and The Mopeds Musings and Generation Sound Suite. She is currently working on two shops selling her music styled artwork and now sells on Ebay.

the fender stratocaster handbook pdf

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Pink Floyd: The Black Strat: A History of David Gilmour's Black Fender Stratocaster

The Black Strat book is the first and only accurate and knowledgeable account of David Gilmour's favorite Stratocaster guitar. Written by Phil Taylor - David's personal guitar technician since 1974 - to coincide with the release of the long awaited and much requested Fender 'David Gilmour Signature Strat': an instrument replicating the look, set-up, sound and feel of David's famous black guitar as it is today. The chronological story begins with David Gilmour joining Pink Floyd in early 1968, his guitar at that time, his subsequent instruments leading to the purchase of the Black Strat in 1970, and the other guitars that have come and gone. The book details all of the changes and modifications made to the Black Strat, its use on Pink Floyd tours and iconic albums, David's solo projects, and various guest appearances throughout the years.
Customer Review: Pink Floyd: The Black Strat A history of David Gilmour's Black Fender Stratocaster
After reading this book in one sitting, it became an inspiration for me to build my own Gilmour black strat. It is a must for any fan of Pink Floyd as well as David Gilmour fan. A very detailed history of the guitar and it's owner and the various changes the guitar went through 'til it reached its current state. A wealth of pictures as well as info, so much as i said that i built my own gilmour strat. The only changes i made were in the neck, it is a C-shaped but a bit smaller to fit my hand, i did put a duncan ssl5 in the bridge, but instead of the fat 50's in the neck and 69 in the middle, i put 2 duncan ssl-3 in the neck and middle but the middle pickup is reverse wound, and instead of drilling a hole in the pickguard for the extra switch to turn on the neck pickup, i used a push-pull pot on the lower tone control to add the neck pickup. I decided to do the N.O.S version instead of the relic'd version. See if this book had that kind of inspiration for me, imagine what it may do for you. Go out and get it, enjoy yourself reading it, even if you don't build guitars.
Customer Review: David Gilmour's Black Strat-GRN
I, at first, scoffed at this story of David Gilmour's Black Strat; however, the more I thought about it, the more I believed that it would offer something of a storied journey. This proved to be a good historical read and journey of not only David and Phil Taylor, Daivid's Guitar Technician, but also of the journey of the Black Strat and several other Floydian Guitars. I am glad that I purchased and read this account.

Every guitar player that has ever been born lives for the day when he/she can pick up a vintage guitar. Vintage guitars are available in all major manufacturers and brands. But it's not only musicians and guitar enthusiasts that are attracted to these masterpieces. Vintage guitars can also be viewed as an investment.

You're probably saying to yourself right now "How can a guitar be an investment?", "Is buying a vintage guitar really a good investment?" Allow me to enlighten you a little. To the untrained eye, a guitar is a guitar. Now we aren't talking about the walls of instruments you see at Guitar Center or Sam Ash. We are talking about those special few extraordinary guitars that just scream to be torn into.

Guitars are a great investment for a few reasons. First, they are beautiful and command a room where they are displayed. Second, vintage guitars don't depreciate or lose value with time. On the contrary, these babies appreciate and gain value as they age, especially if they are kept up nicely. Third, they have superior tonality and action when played due to the quality workmanship that went into their construction.

Undoubtedly, the most popular is the Les Paul by Gibson. This guitar carries the name of the man who invented the solid body electric guitar. In the 1960's, the Les Paul was just about THE choice of instrument. These are still made today, but the older ones were made of superior materials like mahogany and oak. Some even had gold frets and mother of pearl inlays on the fret board.

Fender also has a stranglehold on a couple of highly sought after guitars, especially the Stratocaster, the Telecaster and the Thunderbird. These were favorites among blues and rock players alike. Again, the ones everybody wants were made in the 1950's and 1960's.

Certainly among the reigning Kings of vintage guitars are those made by the CF Martin company. Martin emigrated here from Europe in the late 19th century and set up shop in New York. The craftsmanship he imparted is not only extraordinary. It is absolutely earth shattering. Martin pioneered the X-bracing system for acoustic guitars adding years to the longevity of the instruments he made. Many Martin's are still in use at nearly 100 years old!

Guild is another vintage guitar that is vastly overlooked these days. Guild was only in operation for about 25 years and was bought by Fender in the 1990's. Some of the older Guild guitars are extremely rare and sought after as they exhibited the same quality as the Martin instruments of the same time period.

Every one of these guitar manufacturers has made an exceptional line of guitars. Players like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Chet Atkins, Roy Clark and Les Paul have chosen them time and time again as their guitar of choice.

When bought as an investment, the vintage ones hold the possibility of giving a fantastic ROI (return on investment).

To see a collection of vintage guitars that are available right now, get on over to Vintage Guitar Zone and see what you can get your fingers around for a great price.

counterfeit guitars fender stratocast

Fender Custom Shop No Way Out Skull Studs Rocker Shirt. Black Short sleeve Button Front Fender Guitars Shirt

New Fully Licensed Mens Fender Guitar Tour Wear Shirt. Fabulous rock band stage wear shirt for Musicians or a just a great shirt for Fender Guitar lovers. Great Rocker shirt for those special nights on the town. From the Fender Custom Shop. This Design is Killer - it is called No Way Out. It is a short sleeve Black Cotton shirt with a small Fender Custom Shop Skull embroidery design on the front. The front features Fender Snap closures in a Rockabilly style. The back has a large print of the Fender Skull and crossed Fender Guitars Design and says Rock n Roll Religion on it. The Skull has Metal Studs in his eyes and there are Metal Studs between the words. Great for all musicians from Heavy Metal to Rockabilly and as a clubbing shirt for anyone. These shirts are new but made to look vintage with wicked cool detailing. Fabric is 100% Cotton for a soft comfortable fit and ease of care.Sizing on This Mens Short Sleeve Button Front Cotton Fender Guitar Shirt:Medium: 43 inch chest.Large: 45 inch chest.XL: 47 inch chest.XXL: 49 1/2 inch chest.

The two main choices in beginner electric guitars.

There can be a fair amount of disappointment when the wrong choice is made, and all it takes is a look through the guitar user reviews of popular beginner electric guitars to see the truth of it.

There are two main types of electric guitar, and they're the two most popular electric guitars available. They are the Gibson Les Paul and the Fender Stratocaster. These guitars sound totally different, in fact you could say that they are the two most distinct sounding electric guitars available.

I'm not saying that you should buy a Gibson or Fender to get the right sound for the kind of music you like, although that's certainly an option.

What I am saying though is that there are some excellent copies of Gibson Les Paul's and Fender Stratocasters that you might want to take a look at.

Let's first look at the Stratocaster as a beginners choice.

The Stratocaster is a very comfortable guitar design, with contouring to accommodate your strumming hand as well as your stomach. The main feature that makes a Stratocaster sound the way it does, is its pickup configuration.

The standard pickup configuration on a Strat is 3 single coil pickups, a 5 way pickup selector switch, one volume control and 2 tone controls.

The typical single coil pickup is made from 6 pole magnets, one for each string, around which copper wire is wound. When the guitar string vibrates, the magnetic flux of the magnet is disturbed and a corresponding electrical current is produced in the coil surrounding the magnets. That's the signal that gets sent out to the amplifier.

Single coil pickups typically sound very bright, and this is the signature sound of the Stratocaster. A good example of this is the guitar sound of Mark Knopfler on Sultans of Swing. Guitarists who's sound comes mainly from a Strat are Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Hank Marvin of The Shadows, Eric Clapton, and a whole list of other guitarists who's names would make this article way too long.

A lot of beginner guitarists complain about the Stratocaster, and the main reasons for this are:

1.) The Strat is best suited to clean sounds, and a lot of beginner guitar players become disappointed when they don't get a good distortion, or overdriven sound out of the guitar.

It is possible to get a good distorted rock tone out of a Stratocaster, but you need to know how to get a good guitar sound and tailor your sound to suit you. A beginner guitarist won't know how to do this and a Strat isn't very forgiving, mostly because of its treble sound.

If you're into heavy metal then this is not the beginner guitar for you.

2.) The single coil pickups you'll find on a beginners Strat, or any standard Stratocaster for that matter, will pick up a lot of electromagnetic interference from flourescent lights, TV's and computer monitors, and any other sources of electromagnetic radiation. There are ways around this, but it's important to remember that this problem only really shows itself when you put your guitar through a distortion unit.

The guitar was designed in the 1950's at a time when distorted guitar sounds weren't that common. Some of the more expensive models of Fender Stratocaster have improved pickup design that eliminates the electrical hum. This won't be on the beginner Stratocaster models.

Why the Stratocaster is still a good choice for a beginner electric guitar.

Despite the problems mentioned above, the Fender Strat still remains one of the most popular electric guitars available today.

The three single coil pickups that it has are capable of producing some beautiful shimmering clean tones, especially when the five way selector switch is in positions 2 or 4. These positions are also hum cancelling, but unfortunately don't lend themselves to a great rock guitar tone.

Of the 3 pickups, the one at the neck position is the most capable of producing a classic blues rock tone, and a very desirable one at that. The pickup that normally puts people off when it comes to rock guitar tone, is the bridge position. This is the brightest sounding pickup on the guitar.

I personally don't mind it too much, seeing as it adds a bit of chalkyness to the sound. A good solution here is to later buy what's known as a hotrail pickup and replace the one that's there. This will give you a fatter rock guitar tone without the hum.

Alternatives to the standard Stratocaster.

There is another alternative to the standard Stratocaster called the Fat Strat, which features a humbucking pickup at the bridge. If there's one saving grace for the beginner metal guitarist who wants to buy a Stratocaster, it's the Fat Strat.

Humbucking pickups are a special design of electric guitar pickup that eliminates outside electromagnetic interference. They are generally louder than single coil pickups and not as bright sounding.

By having a humbucker in the bridge position and two single coils in the other two, you've got a good combination for getting a decent rock tone in the bridge pickup as well as all the other classic Fender Strat tones.

Just one last thing about the standard Stratocaster. It has a tremelo system, but don't use it. There are a few people who know how to make these things stay in tune when used, but they're not telling. If you leave it alone, it'll leave you alone.

The Gibson Les Paul as a beginners electric guitar.

This has to be the ultimate symbol of heavy rock tone. Unlike the Strat, the Les Paul has a glued in neck, or set neck as it's sometimes called.

This neck to body joint has the effect of increasing the sustain of the guitar. Because of its more complex construction, the Les Paul is a bit more expensive to manufacture.

It's a heavy guitar that can become quite uncomfortable when standing and playing for a long time. It also has a thicker neck, depth wise, than many other guitars, which can also add a bit to the discomfort factor.

What makes the Les Paul a good rock guitar?

The same things that make the Gibson Les Paul uncomfortable to play are what make it sound so great for rock.

First of all, its made out of mahogany wood. Mahogany is an excellent tone wood for electric guitars as it has a lot of bass coupled with a distinctive upper midrange bite. What makes it uncomfortable with this guitar is that there's a lot of it.

A heavier body and thicker neck all made out of mahogany adds up to tons of sustain and great tone.

Your typical Les Paul guitar has two humbucking pickups - one in the bridge position and one in the neck position.

The only real downside to the Gibson Les Paul as far as sound goes, is that although one can sometimes get close to the sound of a Stratocaster, by using some simple electronic tricks, like splitting the humbucking pickups so they can do single coil sounds as well, It's never really quite the same.

To make sure your beginners electric guitar plays at its best, there are two resources you may want to look at. The first - Beginner Electric Guitars, what to look for which also deals with the Stratocaster, and the second - Rock guitars for beginners will show you the best value Les Paul copy

the fender stratocaster handbook pdf

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Stratocaster Greats: Playing in the Style of Fender

You might think of buying used instruments from a pawnshop, classified ads or Ebay. If you have the money then you might as well drop the idea because electric guitars are supposed to be expensive for you to get the quality you deserve. However, if you're on a budget, you may still need necessary precautions in buying used guitars. The key here is if you can't try it, don't buy it. And "trying" means that you have someone in tow who is experts in guitars to avoid being ripped off.

Before heading to the music store, you should already have an idea as to what kind of music you would like to play on your electric guitars. Guitar makers model their guitars with an icon they saw best using it that's why guitar models are usually named after guitar legends. If you are someone who likes to play the country, folk rock genre, then choose a Telecaster. For metal-heads and heavy rockers out there, they keep their eyes on the Jackson, Ibanez, and B.C. Rich. Stratocasters are the most flexible amongst all electric guitars and thus best fits a beginner who is still undecided on musical genre. Stratocaster is a safe choice so you might want to get one of these babies.

Having said that, you have to choose the right brand which is, basically, all the familiar brands you hear - Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Epiphone, etc. These are the names who sell reasonable prices for beginners. Choose between Fender and Gibson, they have a line dedicated to aspiring guitarists and you could never go wrong with these brands. You can also consider some unknown brands as long you have a friend expert recommending it to you. But if you're on your own, be on the safe side with the familiar brands.

May it be a Fender or a Gibson you choose on buying, don't walk away from the store without trying out a few stock. You chose a trusted brand, yes, but to hear is to believe. Listen and choose the best sound.

It's always best to bring a friend with you to get expert opinion. This will also make you feel more secure in buying your first electric guitar. And of course, don't forget the amps.

Now there you have it, your first step to being a guitarist is done. You may now proceed to the learning process by visiting and see yourself bringing the house down overnight!

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Fender Samarium Cobalt Noiseless SCN Stratocaster Pickups, Aged White

Guitar Replacement Pickup. Made by Fender.

Stick a set of these babies under your Strat's hood and take that checkered flag!

Fender Mod Shop SCN pickups deliver souped-up fireball feel and time-honored Fender tone heritage with a noise-free design that'll let your guitar purr like a kitten or howl like a banshee.

With the special design combination of traditional magnets and new Samarium Cobalt magnetic material, the illustrious spank-and-clank Strat sound roars forth from these pickups with eight-cylinder dynamic and magnetic response that actually dusted most of Fender's coveted Kennedy-era test pickups.


  • Bridge - DC Resistance: 11.6K, Inductance: 3.8 Henries
  • Middle - DC Resistance: 6.5K, Inductance: 2.4 Henries
  • Neck - DC Resistance: 6.5K, Inductance: 2.4 Henries

Collecting guitars for so many people is not just a hobby, but a passion. Most of the greatest guitar collectors know how much the hobby has changed over the past 10 years or so, but it is still possible to begin a "career" in guitar collecting if that is what you choose to do. Although you can no longer walk into any pawn shop in Hollywood and buy a Les Paul or Stratocaster for less than $100, it is still possible to find a good deal on a vintage guitar.

The think you have to realize is that you are going to find the best deals on a vintage guitar if you buy only American guitars. It isn't to say that other countries such as Japan do not make a great guitar, but the vintage market is best for American made guitars. You will then be able to buy a guitar that will increase in value over the years. Also, the reputation of the American made guitars, especially the older ones, is increasing. It used to be that people looked down on the 1970's Stratocasters but now you can find them sold on auction sites for thousands of dollars. It is the same thing with 1980's Gibson guitars which were once thought of as poor quality replicas.

This is simply because of buyer's demand. After all of the "desirable" guitars have all been bought up, the collectors go to whatever is left that will command attention. So that is why if you want to find a real deal on vintage guitars that will increase in value you should buy guitars that collectors are currently not paying much attention to. That way, by the time they get around to these guitars, they will be worth a great deal of money. For example, you may not want to go with Fender Mustangs or Gibson Melody Makers which are already desirable. Instead you should go with student models that haven't been noticed yet.

An example of this would be the Fender Bullet. It is still popular in brand name but it is considered to be a student model guitar. You can still find great deals on the ones that were made in the early 1980's but they are garnering attention now which will make them hugely popular in a few years. Fender also put out other great American made student models such as the Lead I, II and III which you can still buy for less than $300.

Gibson is also another collectible brand. Granted the Melody Makers are already expensive but the Kalamazoo line hasn't been tapped out yet. Similar to the Melody Makers you can find them for less than $100 and have a great guitar in which to invest in for later on. In general if you stick with Gibson and Fender and watch out for the less talked about student models you are already finding deals that will appreciate in value over the years. But more so you are finding quality made guitars that are great to look at, wonderful to play sometimes and have a nice background to them.

Looking for quality video guitar lessons? Crazy Dave of MadGuitarLicks gives away free video guitar licks and lessons, along with honest reviews of over 20 instructional guitar courses. Styles range from metal, rock, and blues, with a few shred guitar lessons too. Why pay when you have access to such a huge archive of free guitar lessons!

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Makes You Wanna Play Multi Guitars Toddler and Youth Kids Tee Shirt in 5 Colors

Depending on the kind of music you like to play would determine as to what kind of guitar you would choose to purchase from the many different varieties that are available on the market today. It is essential, however, that the guitar that you select feels comfortable to you. If you are a person of a small build, then you will require a guitar that fits your build, whilst if you are a person with very long arms, then a small guitar simply would not be suitable. The weight of the guitar that you select is another important factor. This is because, if you will be playing the guitar a great deal, then you will not wish to feel weighed down by an instrument which is far too heavy for your strength.

Other factors which need to be taken into consideration when selecting a guitar is the sheer look of it, as well as the sound that it gives off. Guitars are available in a wide range of different shapes, colors and finishes. Every single guitar will have a slightly different sound and the quality of sound very often depends upon the quality of the guitar.

If classic music is what you enjoy playing, then you will require a guitar with nylon strings. The back and sides of the guitar will usually be made of rosewood, with spruce or cedar for the top. The guitar that is used for playing flamenco is similar, only with the wood being thinner and the body of the guitar shallower and made of cypress with a cedar top.

The classic guitar which has a hollow body and nylon strings, and the electric steel guitar with its solid wood body, bottled neck and steel strings, such as the very popular Fender Stratocaster are the two most popular types of guitar. Of course, there are many variations within each type. The semi-acoustic and the semi-solid are just two of them. Then of course there are the bass guitars. However, when purchasing a guitar for the first time, the main selection will be between electric and acoustic.

It is worth considering purchasing an acoustic guitar if you have never played before. This guitar is much simpler to play and nothing else is required to accompany it, apart from a case, strap, some picks, and sheet music, all of which are available at an inexpensive price. If you choose to purchase an electric guitar, then you will also need to purchase an amplifier and at least one effects box. This can of course increase the overall cost dramatically and make the selection more difficult.

Even though it is not necessary to spend huge amounts of money on your first guitar, it is never recommended to buy the cheapest available simply because you are not sure if you will continue to play. For this reason, it is worth taking every opportunity to have a play with friends' guitars or with those in shops before you make a purchase decision. It is not necessary to purchase one of the top brand names; there are plenty of guitars available with no brand name attached to them.

Always ensure that the guitar you select is well made. This can be done by running your fingers around the seams. If you can feel as though any part is coming apart or if it feels rough, then do not buy it. Ensure that the frets are even and the top is not made of plywood. It is never wise to rush out and buy the first guitar that you see. Select a guitar carefully from the many different ones that are available on the market today.

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Caffeine Carl & The Buzz Live At The Green Parrot

Blues band from Key West Florida. The tracks are: 1. Intro by Pat "The Hammer" Lanergan Rock with Me, 2. Why Get Up, 3. Shakey Ground, 4. Tell Me, 5. The Sky Is Cryin", 6. Treat Her Right, 7. Midnight Special, 8. Mar had A Little lamb, 9. Mama Don't Like Me, 10. On Your Way Down, 11. Voodoo Chile.

If your young child can identify the letters of the alphabet and numbers, knows how to count, and is beginning to read, they are ready for piano lessons. Below are 20 piano concepts and benefits children can gain in their first year of piano lessons.

1. Locating A, B, C, D, E, F, and G on the piano keyboard (Music Alphabet)

2. Musical Alphabet Up and Down (Circle of Seconds or Steps)

3. Line Notes and Space notes (Circle of Thirds or Skips)

4. Broken and Blocked, in the Key of C, F and G (Triads)

5. The Major Scale (Half Steps and Whole Steps)

6. Five-Finger Scales in C Major, A Minor, D Minor F Major, G Major (Pentatonic Scales)

7. Octaves (Ottava signs and Keyboard Arrangement)

8. Intervals (Distance between two keys on the piano or two notes on the staff)

9. Sharps (Half Steps Up)

10. Flats (Half Steps Down)

11. High Sounds (Treble Clef )

12. Low Sounds (Bass Clef)

13. Forte, Mezzo Forte, Piano, Mezzo Piano, Crescendo (Dynamics)

14. Listening & Playing Back (Imitation)

15. Changing a Theme (Variations)

16. Personal Expression (Improvisation)

17. Playing with more ease (Technique)

18. Playing with style (Articulations: legato, staccato, accents)

19. Playing for others (Performing in Recitals)

20. Sharing their talent (Becoming Part of the Music Community.)

In addition to music theory, first year piano students are trained in piano performance and artistry. Can you imagine your children playing the piano in your living room, or performing in their first piano recital? There is nothing that warms parents' hearts more than seeing their children engaged in a creative activity that is challenging and beneficial. Why not enroll your child in piano lessons while they are young? You can't make a better investment in their future.

In addition to the 20 benefits above, other rewards of piano lessons are well documented - increased math and reading scores, increased overall educational progress. So don't wait to give your child the benefits of music. You'll be glad you did.

To learn the best way to share the gift of music with children visit for my Piano Bears Musical Stories for Children The exciting Piano Bears Musical Stories for children ages 5 to 11 feature the loveable characters, Mrs. Treble Beary and her new piano student, Albeart Littlebud. Children love following along with Albeart to Mrs. Treble Beary's piano studio in Musical Acres Forest. Here they learn what piano lessons are all about in a fun way that kids readily understand and appreciate! Piano students laugh and giggle while reading "Little Bear's Musical Garden" and "Little Bear's Piano Goals."

For a wealth of f'ree information and piano music online visit Piano Bears Music Education Resources Don't Wait to Share the Gift of Music!

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Playing in Style of Fender Stratocaster

Customer Review: insight to signature fender telecaster styles/sounds
this video and the accompanying booklet provide great insight for the beginner or experienced player to the equipment spec's., and details of special tunings, chord-voicings and techniques of the most prominent and enduring telecaster driven superstars. i have not been able to find a second, or follow-up volume to this video (an effort well-warranted). nonetheless, if you're looking for a launching point from which to delve further into the playing of superstars like danny gatton, james burton, johnny lang, albert lee, kieth richards, and andy summers- this is money and time well spent.

I can describe the latest release from Heavy Metal super group Alice In Chains for you with just one word Outstanding!

I wish it werent the case but, its not everyday that I get a CD for review that I can just pop in and comfortably listen to from beginning to end. There is usually a song or two that I just cant force myself to get through. Not at all the case with Dirt. Every track is enjoyable and was pretty easy for me to listen to from start to finish.

Dirt is a pleasantly varied, mix of 13 tracks that are very well written and brilliantly performed songs by these clearly superb musicians. Most of the songs display a lot of the kind emotion that makes for a really great listen. Clearly drawing from what I can only imagine are their own real life experiences. At different points touching on the most real emotions of love, and the pain of failed relationships can certainly be heard.

Overall Dirt is excellent from beginning to end. One of those CDs that after a few listens the songs are just etched into your memory. A must have for the Heavy Metal fan. Really spectacular from beginning to end.

While the entire album is really very good the truly standout tunes are track 2 - Dam That River, track 4 - Down In A Hole, and track 13 - Would?.

My Bonus Pick, and the one that got Sore [ in "Stuck On REpeat"] is track 1 - Them Bones. Great track!

Dirt Release Notes:

Alice In Chains originally released Dirt on September 29, 1992 on the Columbia label.

CD Track List Follows:

1. Them Bones

2. Dam That River

3. Rain When I Die

4. Down In A Hole

5. Sickman

6. Rooster

7. Junkhead

8. Dirt

9. God Smack

10. (untitled) - (hidden track)

11. Hate To Feel

12. Angry Chair

13. Would?

Alice In Chains: Layne Staley, Jerry Cantrell (vocals, guitar); Michael Starr (bass); Sean Kinney (drums).

Additional personnel: Tom Araya (background vocals).

Recorded in 1992. Product that works EXACTLY like 20" of Fiber Glass Thickness, but doesn't stop Insulation Protection at 200 or 300 Degrees for more Precision Energy Savings Support. =R53-RB Foils continue to PERMANENTLY Insulate Comfortable +75 Indoor Degrees even if Outside Temps go to +1000 or -400 (+80% Thermal Resistance) USING ABOUT THE SAME ENERGY AS THE OTHER PRODUCTS. EBAY SPECIAL $0.10 Sq Ft.

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Customer Review: Good stuff
Everything I had hoped for from the Tones and more. Makes you miss the halcyon days in which this lively and innovative music was made. A great job of packaging too - a really solid collection including the pop stuff and the fun oddities.
Customer Review: One of the greatest ever
As much as I love music and all it has to offer, nothing has ever struck and stuck with me like TOT. I owned the POP album on vinyl, and I played it time and time again. Absolutely brilliant! I adore Love and Rockets, and I think Bauhaus are OK (a bit overrated), but this was a true gem. You absolutely must listen to "Rain". Greatest song ever composed in my opinion. I can't stress enough how wonderful this song is. It opens up with ambient organ and guitar (which is e-bowed, a method used throughout their songs), and then it morphs brilliantly into the singing and structure. Lyrically it is stunning, and I tell you the music will just stick with you. Just a beautiful song!

If you've been hearing the buzz on Urge recently, it's not about a deep desire or compulsion - it's about MTV's offering to the world of online music downloads and streaming.

Urge is a subscription based music download service in which its patrons can subscribe for a monthly fee of $10 and listen to as many of the 2 million songs in MTV's coffers as they like. If they'd like to download that song, then it costs 99 cents each.

But it's not just MTV behind the latest addition to the world of online music. Microsoft and MTV are working together on this one. Bill Gates must have seen the success of similar sites like Napster and Rhapsody and decided to jump on the bandwagon. Urge's challenge will be to convince all those music lovers who prefer to buy songs and download them through sites like the incredibly popular iTunes, owned by Apple computers, that subscribing to a site and being able to listen to whatever songs you like, in whatever order and as often as you like is just as good or better than buying them one by one. It's just one more battle to add to the long running conflict between Microsoft and Apple.

Does Bill have anything different to offer through Urge? Anything that makes this latest venture stand out from similar sites? Not really. Should you choose to become an Urge subscriber, you won't find any music that you wouldn't find on any other download - subscription site. The prices are even pretty much the same.

What they do offer is a aesthetics - their site looks good. Plus, there's the camaraderie. Subscribers can post on blogs and converse with one another. But that's about it.

But with Microsoft powering the marketing and advertising engine behind Urge, it's sure to do well. Even the latest incarnation of Microsoft's Windows Media Player has Urge built in. Everyone with a PC has access to this free player and therefore easy access to Urge.

What PC users won't have is the portability provided by the wildly popular iPod. Current owners of iPods, should they decide to subscribe to Urge, will have to buy songs through the site, download them, burn them onto CDs and then convert the music files to mp3s in order to be compatible. Other portable devices are compatible with the service, however, and those are listed on the site.

This all may change in the Christmas of 2006, as buzz indicates Microsoft plans to release their "iPod Killer". Based on the Xbox brand, and including additional features like gaming, this media player is aimed right at Apple's heart, and could quickly make "Urge" a household name, assuming the two products are closely linked.

Each of the music download sites has their own strengths and weaknesses. Urge fully divides and subdivides genres so that its subscribers can easily find what they're looking for while exploring other bands that they might like. Yahoo Music Unlimited personalizes the start page to include suggestions based on the subscribers previous downloads and offers a cheaper subscription rate. Rhapsody has the best radio services, providing specialized stations that stream a pre-set list of music.

If you can't decide, then try one or try them all. Each of them offers a free trial subscription. You can experiment with all of them and decide which one suits you best.

Madison Lockwood is a customer relations associate for She brings years of experience as a small business consultant to helping prospective clients understand the ways in which a website may benefit them both personally and professionally. Apollo Hosting provides website hosting, ecommerce hosting, vps hosting, and web design services to a wide range of customers. Established in 1999, Apollo prides itself on the highest levels of customer support.

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Left Handed Stratocaster Electric Guitar Metal Belt Buckle

Every year, thousands of people head to guitar shows to admire and play vintage Gibsons, Fenders, Martins and more.Some of these guitars can sell for up to a quarter of a million dollars.They're not all that expensive, putting many in the reach of less wealthy collectors, but all of them have a few things in common.Vintage guitars are beautiful, high quality, and they appreciate in value over time.

The vintage guitar market has been going up as older Americans buy the same models of guitars as their heroes once played, and younger collectors look for the best in older instruments.Guitar collecting can out perform ordinary investments - it's much more stable, and a lot more fun than playing the stock market.A 1950s Les Paul purchased just a few years ago may now be worth five times that price.

Only a few thousand of those guitars were ever produced.That means they're among the most popular out there.Some collectors are paying record prices for them, and they don't even play.These beautiful, rare guitars are so compelling that even non-musicians are interested in owning one.A 1961 Les Paul Custom might sell for more than a hundred thousand dollars.When the first Les Paul was produced in the early 1950s, the sale price was $210.

In the past five years, the vintage guitar market has nearly doubled.The average price is about thirteen thousand dollars, according to the Vintage Guitar Price guide, which tracks the price of forty two different models produced by Gibson, Fender and Martin.Acoustic guitars have increased in price steadily, but the most collectible are electrics, propelled by the mystique of rock 'n' roll.

Solid body electric guitars from what some call the golden age - the 1950s and 1960s - have been increasing in price significantly.There's a little bit of everyone's rock heroes in these guitars, even the ones that are just the same type as those used by celebrities.Actual celebrity guitars are worth even more.Eric Clapton's famous customized Stratocaster, Blackie, sold for nearly a million in 2004.

Fame isn't all there is to it, though.Older instruments have a richer, better tone, and are made from higher quality materials.Collectors love the sound of a great Martin acoustic, or a golden age Telecaster.An older guitar produces a much better sound than a brand new one that sells for a tenth of the price.A well treated old guitar resonates better and has better action when played.
While a solid body guitar won't reverberate in the same way as an acoustic, there's still a big difference between a vintage Les Paul and a brand new one.It's the difference between a growl and a purr.If you love to play, a real, high quality guitar from the 1950s and 1960s will be a delight, as well as a great investment.

If you are interest in getting started collecting vintage guitars for fun and profit or even if you have been doing so for years, Bob's Vintage Guitars is a website that you should visit. It has a lot of useful information about vintage guitars and also a great selection of vintage guitars for sale.

The writer operates a website selling vintage guitars, Bob's Vintage Guitars at

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