Monday, 5 January 2009

Fender Stratocaster 3 Pack Pickup Covers, Black

We have just what the doctor ordered. Pickup cover sets to spruce up your favorite Fender(R) instrument. Includes three black pickup covers for Fender Stratocasters(R).

An electric guitar is a musical instrument made mostly of a solid or semi solid body. It makes use of electrical currents to convert the vibration of the strings into electrical power. The converted electrical power may be filtered electronically to play the same sounds with different characters. Electric guitars became popular in the big bands era of the 70's, when rock was the prevailing culture in the world of music. At that point, electric guitars were necessary to compete with the amplified instruments used by the jazz orchestras.

Initially, electric guitars were simple hollow arch top acoustic guitar bodies with electromagnetic amplifiers. New electric guitars are generally more expensive than traditional guitars. This prompted many guitarists to purchase used electrical guitars, as they provided the same quality of sound but were cheaper.

Owing to the high cost of new electric guitars, many amateur musicians opt for used ones. Used electric guitars are sold when an owner decides to upgrade to a new model or has stopped playing. While buying a used guitar, it is advisable to know the previous owner. The only physically visible wear on a used guitar is the wearing out of the stings that can be easily replaced and tuned.

There are various factors that affect the sound produced by a used electric guitar. This includes the wood type used in the frame, quality of strings, number of strings, pickup, guitar necks and frets. The ability to distinguish the sound of a used electric guitar as good or bad depends on how seasoned a musician is.

It is advisable to take a trained musician along when purchasing a used guitar. Sounds produced by a previously used guitar do not change much if the previous user has handled the instrument with care. Therefore, buying a used electric guitar does not have to compromise on the output quality and can prove to be economical.

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fender 50th anniversary stratocaster