Monday, 16 March 2009

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Country and Pop Music superstar Shania Twain has released a greatest hits CD appropriately titled Shania Twain Greatest Hits.

The reclusive Twain has sold more than 40 million albums over the years with-flirty, hook laden, beat-heavy, country-tinged pop tracks that have all the subtlety of a musical wet T-shirt contest.

She is one of the most successful recording artists in history. Her CD Come On Over is the biggest selling album of all time by a female artist, making it the female equivalent of Michael Jackson's Thriller.

This long awaited and much anticipated Greatest Hits collection includes three new songs along with the predictable chart topping hits she's had. Most of the songs are up tempo groovable tunes which is exactly what Shania Twain fans will enjoy and appreciate.

19 out of the 21 songs on this CD are pure gold, and they are so varied in style that there is a song for every music fan.

The CD launches with the classic ballad, Forever and For Always then goes on to showcase the very impressive list of gold records Twain has had over the years. Containing a whopping 21 songs in all.

Impressively Twain writes all of her own songs and melodies on guitar and of course does a great job singing them as well.

Some of my own Shania Twain favorites are track 1, Forever and For Always, track 2 I'm Gonna Getcha Good, track 5, Man! I Feel Like A Woman! and on, and on, and on. Heck they're all good!

Release Notes:

Shania Twain originally released Greatest Hits on November 9, 2004 on the Mercury Nashville record label.

CD track list follows:

1. Forever and For Always

2. I'm Gonna Getcha Good

3. UP!

4. Come On Over

5. Man! I Feel Like A Woman!

6. That Don't Impress Me Much

7. From This Moment

8. Honey, I'm Home

9. You're Still The One

10. Don't Be Stupid

11. Love Gets Me Every Time

12. No One Needs To Know

13. You Win My Love

14. I'm Outta Here

15. The Woman In Me

16. Any Man Of Mine

17. Whose Bed Have Your Boots

18. Party for Two' (with Mark McGrath)

19. Don't!

20. Party for Two (with Billy Currington)

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